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Welcome to “Raising Consciousness,” where raising human consciousness happens. I’m excited by the journey that we’re about to embark on as we explore and have the conversations that no one else is having to raise human consciousness on the planet and leave the world in a better place for both current and future generations.

Human consciousness is more than just a concept or idea. It’s life itself, everything we’ve ever done, and everything that we will ever do. Consciousness is in everything we do, say, and ultimately how we show up in the world. I used to find describing human consciousness challenging because how do you put the wordless into words, and communicate it in a way that the vast majority of people will understand and use to shape their lives for the better?

So with this in mind, let’s start at the simplest level and refer to human consciousness as both the individual and collective awareness of humanity. And, while often overlooked or misunderstood, the mission of this podcast is to explore and raise this awareness by having the conversations that no one* *(which is relative by the way) is having.

Consciousness is turning the unknown into the known. It’s where everything emerges and where everything will dissolve.

~ Luke Burrows

While there are spiritual connotations relating to consciousness, it’s not merely a spiritual truth. Remember what I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, that consciousness is life itself and is ultimately how we show up in the world. To understand this further, let’s first understand the individual level of human consciousness, which is about our state and turning the unknown into the known.

Take my own health and fitness journey for example, and how just a few years ago I didn’t know – or wasn’t conscious of – the effects of the foods I was eating, where they come from, and the different types of exercise and why having a well-rounded exercise program is ideal for longevity. All of the new knowledge has significantly raised my consciousness, given me a new sense of personal power, and impacted how I show up in and live life.

Raising my own individual consciousness has given light to personal aspirations, goals, and life vision as well as a deeper sense of purpose and service, and overall life direction.

Once you understand individual consciousness, you may realise that you’re part of a larger interconnected reality and database for a better word of knowledge and wisdom. Everything we don’t currently know is known. This is where people may turn off, and I understand. The spiritual isn’t practical for many, but as we will explore over the coming weeks, months, and beyond we are indeed connected to a larger reality, bigger, and greater than ourselves.

While we may start to realise we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, the next step to help with this is to understand how every action, behaviour and thought contributes in some way to the world and has a ripple effect throughout humanity. This starts with the direct impact it has in our immediate environments, and to the people around us but goes far beyond this and contributes to the collective consciousness.

For example, if you have a bad day and take it out on the people around you that in tune affects their day which in tune affects the people they interact with, and so the cycle continues. Therefore, we all have a responsibility and role to play and it starts with individual consciousness and the awareness of self.

Beyond this consciousness moves into other levels that I call social consciousness, world consciousness, and higher consciousness which all build on each other from the understanding that how we show up in the world matters and has a bigger and more profound effect than we think it does.

This phenomenon may seem stressful, exciting, or even thought-provoking. You may have more questions than answers, and wonder what this all means for you. This and more will be answered, explored, and discussed over the coming weeks, months, and beyond.

The purpose of this first episode is to help you understand better what human consciousness is and how the journey of raising human consciousness is a collective one which starts with ourselves. My hope is that by you being here, you are open and willing to join us on the journey.

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