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We live in a “gym-bro” fitness culture that can be toxic at times and doesn’t fully represent health and what it means to be a healthy and fit human being. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve stayed away from the gym. But having learned about the importance of resistance training, I knew that I needed to do something about it and took it upon myself to get my own equipment, and workout from the comfort of my own home.

Sure, these are insecurities that I know I need to work on if I’m to live my best life and maybe the gym isn’t what I perceive it to be as I know I can overthink way too often. That doesn’t disregard the “gym-bro” fitness culture, which overlooks many other aspects of health and fitness and surely the whole purpose of going to the gym is to improve our health, fitness, and ultimately the quality of our lives.

It’s not just the “gym-bro” fitness culture that does this though as many other areas, experts, and professionals overlook the importance of core stability and optimal body alignment in improving overall movement and preventing injuries. They overlook the deep understanding of how our bodies are designed to function and fail to truly recognise the impact our ever-growing sedentary lifestyles have on our physical well-being.

Karon Hawkins, who I get to speak with on this subject, has experienced this first-hand and works with clients globally who face the challenges and consequences of our ever-growing sedentary lifestyles, including lower back discomfort and pain, knee issues, and neck tension. In my conversation with Karon, he highlights a new method of training called Flobility, which is a comprehensive approach to improving mobility and stability by focusing on how the body is designed to move and by following some simple principles over time you can get rid of your pain and discomfort and improve your overall posture, movement patterns, and well-being.

Prolonged sitting is one of the challenges that we all face. Sitting isn’t necessarily the issue. It’s how we sit. The vast majority of people sit in their lower back instead on their sit bones, which are the bony prominences at the base of the pelvis. Understanding the sit bones and how to properly sit on them can greatly improve sitting posture and alleviate strain on the lower back which eventually leads to discomfort and pain. Understanding how to sit properly is one of the principles of Flobility.

Flobility helps people to move their body effectively and how this applies to everyday life. It gives you with the tools and knowledge to adapt and thrive in the modern world, where sitting for extended periods is often unavoidable.

Furthermore, Flobility can easily be integrated into your current fitness routine. For example, Karon has made it part of the activities that he loves to do such as dancing, boxing, basketball, and weightlifting, where he utilises the appropriate muscles at the right time while maintaining core stability which is crucial for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Flobility is ultimately based on core stability and understanding the true potential of core strength, and hip mobility because all movement stems from the core. It’s about understanding the proper movement patterns and muscle engagement of the body and integrating these patterns and movements into your routines.

The transformative impact that Flobility can have on individuals is beyond words and Karon is a testament to that as he once had his own misconceptions about his own mobility and strength before discovering the Flobility program, which opened his eyes to the true potential of the human body.

The Flobility program is not only affordable, accessible, and has the benefits of a supportive community but it empowers you to take small steps forward in the pursuit of understanding and moving your body in the way it was designed to and get rid of any discomfort and pain you may be experiencing. I’ve joined the program, and can honestly say it’s changed my body (and life) for the better!

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