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I wonder if we really know and understand the power of conscious personal growth, manifestation, and the power of the mind. Sure, there have been and continue to be many studies on these phenomenons which I find fascinating. Simultaneously, I also think the true power of these phenomenons are limitless and could be beyond our scope to truly understand unless we firsthand experience the true power for ourselves. Even then, the whole idea of these phenomenons being limitless suggests that there are always new levels to unlock and experience which I don’t know about you but find really exciting.

The starting point usually comes from incorporating some kind of gratitude and meditation practice into our daily routine, which in this episode Esther McCann refers to as her spiritual practice time. This time is about creating space for self-reflection and allowing whatever to come up to emerge during that time. That is really what meditation is about and not sitting in what we perceive to be strange poses. Although, that works too and unless you wholeheartedly surrender to it and not just try it once and then say it doesn’t work for you, you won’t get the full benefits. However, that’s another conversation for another day!

Through spiritual practice, we realise that everything is interconnected and there is no separation between us and life itself. With this new profound understanding, we remember our infinite nature and the power we have to shape our lives. This is what we call manifestation and much like consciousness, it can challenging for some to physically see or grasp it, as it is a powerful force that influences our reality.

The subconscious mind plays a massive role here because it shapes our self-concept and influences what we attract into our lives. Think of the subconscious mind as the foundation of our beliefs and the driver of our self-perception. It’s the assumptions we make about ourselves, others, and the world around us that in turn create what we call reality. We all have different assumptions and beliefs, and therefore we all have different experiences of reality.

Therefore, our reality only exists in our minds. Spiritual practice and forms of conscious personal growth are vital for manifestation because not only do they help you remember our infinite nature as mentioned, but they help to address any negative programming or limiting beliefs that may hinder our manifestation efforts.

So, how do our beliefs impact our reality?

Well, let’s take the example of money and use the belief that money is hard to come by. If you have this belief, it may perpetuate a sense of struggle and scarcity which will influence the thoughts you think, impact your behaviour and how you show up in the world. This creates a feedback loop between our beliefs and the evidence we perceive in our reality which can be hard to break out of.

Our thoughts are powerful and can run wild. Questioning them is one strategy that has helped me. Another shared by Esther is aligning our conscious desires with our subconscious programming. Be mindful though as positive thoughts alone may not be enough if deep-routed negative beliefs continue to influence our reality.

The goal is to not consistently focus on what is lacking or not yet manifested, because if we do we end up perpetuating a cycle of doubt and reinforcing the belief that it may not be worth it. The antidote for this beyond positive thinking is cultivating a sense of trust and knowing that manifestations are unfolding behind the scenes and is in it’s process. This doesn’t just require a new level of thinking, but a new level of being.

Many individuals turn to manifestation practices from a place of lack as a way to find solutions and gain a sense of fulfilment. However, this approach often leads to disappointment because individuals may not even believe in manifestation and are just looking for external solutions without realising that the true transformation begins within themselves.

The belief and trust in manifestation is where manifestation begins. This often isn’t an overnight process and takes doing the inner work, changing our self-concept, and working with the inner child to uncover limiting beliefs and decisions that may be hindering manifestation. There are many techniques like the emotional freedom technique and reality hacking, that can gradually help to shift our beliefs and change our behaviour and perception of ourselves.

Another way to build belief and trust is to start by setting smaller intentions to build faith gradually. Setting intentions that feel within reach helps individuals develop confidence in their ability to manifest which is an ability available to us all. Over time you’ll be able to see and use the power of the mind to shape your world for the better and create outcomes you desire.

This is a journey of self-belief, self-care, and finding joy that starts with embracing the present moment as an opportunity to create a new story. This is important if you want to tap into your inner power and consciously create the reality you desire.

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