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Personal growth, health, and spirituality are all interconnected because they are all inherent parts of our lives. When you are committed to your personal growth, you look after your health more and realise that you are more than just your physical body.

This topic is something that I got to speak with Rob Fils about and we started by exploring the complexities of nutrition and the challenges of navigating conflicting information. I’ve previously shared that health and well-being have become, and continue to be a growing passion of mine, and while I have changed my life for the better and live a far healthier life, it’s not been easy with all of the conflicting information out there and knowing who to listen to and where to turn.

Rob shared, and I agreed that one of the most important things we can do is to find what works best for our own bodies and embrace individual experimentation. I love this and follow a similar principle shared by Shawn Stevenson, who is the Creator and Host of The Model Health Show. He highlights that we are all different, and like our unique fingerprint our bodies and specifically our metabolism is unique to us. Therefore, tailoring what we eat to our unique metabolism is a very good idea if we want to maximise our energy and live better lives.

With that said, the concept of prioritising whole foods is highlighted as a fundamental principle that we can build from and experiment with over time, as even different whole foods with have a different effect on our bodies. A lifestyle rich in natural foods is the way to go and will help to avoid the detrimental effects ultra-processed foods have on the human body.

After nutrition, we discuss sleep and circadian rhythm. We highlight the importance of prioritising sleep and aligning our daily routines with the circadian rhythm if at all possible. Prioritising sleep isn’t something culture encourages, just look at the world around us. The switch to and from daylight savings time is a manmade concept that has a detrimental impact on our sleep which affects our overall well-being.

During our conversation, Rob brought up the topic of psychedelics and expressed his curiosity. He asked if I’ve ever experimented with them which I haven’t and admitted that I have limited knowledge and experience in that area. We discussed the potential benefits and risks of psychedelics from those who we know have tried these substances for healing and personal transformation and I shared alternative practices such as breath work which I’ve heard can be just as powerful. The SOMA Breath method is one that I use and practice daily and is a transformative practice that combines meditation, breathwork, and music to create deep and impactful experiences. I would highly recommend SOMA Breath to anyone who is curious and interested in breathwork.

Finally, we discuss the challenges of living a health-conscious lifestyle in a society that often prioritises convenience and unhealthy habits. We share from our personal experiences the challenges that being surrounded by people with a different mindset around health has, and how it’s important to lead by example rather than judge others for their choices. Our environment has a big impact on us, and we express our hope that others might be inspired to make positive changes in their own lives by seeing us becoming the change that we want to see in the world.

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