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In a world filled with hustle and bustle, many of us find ourselves searching for deeper meaning and connection. We often wonder about the purpose of our existence and yearn for a sense of fulfilment beyond the mundane. That path often leads many into the fascinating world and journey of consciousness and self-discovery which as Chandni Sawlani tells me in our conversation is all being connected to source, and a greater truth larger than ourselves.

Chandni is the creator of Moonlight Accelerators which is designed to support young aspiring change-makers in reconnecting with their true selves and stepping into their soul’s purpose. Chandni has always felt a deep connection to something greater than herself and described this connection as being rooted in the universe or life itself. Chandni’s journey led her to various careers, including social impact work and the founding of a social initiative focused on inspiring compassion and human connection.

Chandni’s sense of connection to life did not stem from her family upbringing or culture but was a result of her being curious from a young age which was accelerated during the time of her losing her mother. This tragic event prompted her to ask and explore questions about life, purpose, and the afterlife.

The concept of being “connected to source” is not an easy one for many to understand but profound. It’s an awareness of and understanding that we are all fundamentally connected to an energy that creates and permeates everything in the universe. It’s the recognition that we are unique expressions of this universal energy. Connecting to source involves deep practices that lead to stillness and inner quiet, such as meditation which allows us to access guidance and inspiration from the universe itself. We often call this intuition, something I’m confident by saying that we have all experienced.

Being connected to source isn’t just an abstract concept but a practical way of living. It’s about creating inner stillness and peace, reducing unnecessary fear and anxiety, and realising your infinite nature and connection to all that is which ultimately leads to a peaceful and fulfilling life. When we are at one with all that is we are in a deep state of connection and as Chandi shares, the pursuit of happiness takes on a whole new dimension from the inside, out.

This is part of the journey of raising one’s consciousness, which starts with self-awareness and regularly checking in with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and energy. When you pay attention to your body you begin to notice how you truly feel from a deep energetic place and connect with your heart-centered intelligence. When you do this, insights will arise from the heart, free from the constraints of past limiting beliefs and patterns. You will feel a great sense of truth, connection, and love beyond what words can describe.

Not everyone is open to the idea of consciousness. This is okay because it in and of itself demonstrates where they are in their level of consciousness. We are all operating from the level of consciousness where we are, and are doing the best that we can. With this understanding in mind, the best that we can do is to create frameworks that meet others where they are while supporting them in their journey towards raising consciousness.

Having conversations and providing education around consciousness is key as these conversations fall outside of the traditional educational system and when doing so it’s essential to be curious and open-minded.

It’s also important to set a clear intention when exploring consciousness. Set an intention, let it go, and then observe how opportunities naturally emerge and life unfolds. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to experiences and opportunities that resonate with you, as this is part of allowing life to guide you on your journey. This can be a challenge as so often we believe that we need to have all of the answers but we don’t; simply saying “yes” to life can lead to profound personal transformation.

Remember that in a world that often celebrates material success and external achievements, the importance of inner connection, purpose, and consciousness will lead us to far greater places than any material thing. By embarking on our journey of self-discovery, you can unlock the immense potential within you and create a more conscious and better life.

So, the question is… are you ready to say “yes” to life and embark on your journey towards deeper connection and purpose?

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