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The transformative power of forgiveness and how it connects to our consciousness is something that I didn’t realise until I completed the Life Visioning Mastery Quest by Dr Michael Beckwith on MindValley. This Quest is a transformational 5-week program that explores the topics of consciousness and spirituality to help students connect with who they really are and create a compelling vision for the future based on their soul’s calling. I was initially drawn to it to help in creating a new life vision but soon discovered how forgiveness plays a pivotal role in all personal growth.

The Foundation of Forgiveness: Why Should We Forgive?

The fundamental question to ask is: why should we forgive? In the pursuit of finding the answer, I learned that every individual, including ourselves, is operating from the highest level of consciousness that they can in any given moment. This realisation challenges us to reconsider our judgments of others’ actions and has completely reshaped my perspective on the world.

This doesn’t mean that people, including ourselves, can get away with things as personal responsibility always plays a role and is available to us all. Instead, this realisation helps us to see events and situations from a different side of the same coin, and have more compassion and empathy towards others.

To truly grasp the essence of forgiveness, we must understand that our beliefs, understandings, and perspectives are shaped by every event and experience in our lives. These moments are like seconds, continually evolving and shaping our consciousness and bringing us back to the fundamental premise that everyone is doing their best based on their level of consciousness at any given moment and what they have been exposed to and experienced in their lives to date.

As we develop more empathy and compassion for others we begin to view their actions from a higher perspective, acknowledging that they are doing their best and while this doesn’t mean we condone their actions, it allows us to respond with love and kindness instead of anger and resentment.

This is even more challenging when someone hurts us because we have and often hold onto negative emotions. The ideal situation would be to process our feelings and communicate with the person involved by calmly expressing our emotions and the impact of their actions. When we do this we offer them a chance to learn and grow. This feedback loop can contribute to their growth in consciousness.

There are times when we may choose to walk away from toxic relationships or situations. This choice can be made from a place of love and kindness rather than fear or anger because holding onto that fear, anger, guilt, or resentment is detrimental to one person only and that is us. It’s detrimental to our health and well-being, not the other person or people involved.

When we are in these states, we lose all sense of consciousness and awareness that these negative emotions only hurt us, not the person who caused them. Therefore, true forgiveness starts with healing ourselves first. When we heal ourselves, the understanding that everyone is doing their best is easier to understand and we can release negative emotions and let go of grudges. We can forgive and watch our consciousness evolve to new heights.

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