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I’m always fascinated to learn about companies and organisations that foster positive workplace cultures, where people can show up as their authentic selves and do their best work. In this episode, I’m joined by Amanda Holmes, the CEO of Chat Homes International, who shares her remarkable journey from inheriting a business at the age of 24 with no prior experience to successfully doubling sales and creating a thriving workplace culture within her organisation.

Amanda’s journey in business began during dark times, with the passing of her father and the inheritance of his company, Chat Homes International, a company with a rich history rooted in her father’s legacy. Amanda was initially reluctant to join the family business and understandably faced emotional challenges after her father’s passing.

Through the guidance and support she received from her spiritual mentor, Guruji, who played a pivotal role in her decision to take over the company, Amanda made the transition from a singer-songwriter to a business leader which in her own words was a time of significant resistance and uncertainty.

Amanda’s early days as CEO were marked by hiring and firing various executives as she tried to fill her father’s void. She decided to take some time out and had the opportunity to climb and visit Mount Kilimanjaro. Her transformative experience of climbing the sixth largest mountain in the world had valuable lessons about persistence and teamwork and re-energised her on her return to business.

From this moment on, Amanda’s commitment to reshaping the company’s culture began to take place as she focused on aligning the company from top to bottom with her own values and principles. The influence of her business coach, Jerry McNamara, had a great impact and Amanda was able to refine the company’s core values, which include grace and the pursuit of beauty.

The importance of ensuring that team members were a cultural fit and had the necessary skillsets were critical in re-shaping the organisation, and helped Amanda through her personal journey of healing and rediscovering faith in humanity after experiencing a volatile period in the business.

Passion for innovation and creative problem-solving were two key traits and values that Amanda incorporated into her company which led to her reimagining and updating her father’s renowned sales book “Ultimate Sales Machine” to adapt it to modern tactics which outlines 12 core competencies for doubling business sales. One of the concepts that Amanda included, was ‘The Dream 100 Sales Strategy’ and its role in achieving significant sales growth. Amanda went on to share the importance of tracking and measuring business processes to drive growth and optimise results and how this data can help entrepreneurs to make better-informed decisions and reach greater levels of success.

Finally, Amanda’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be true to themselves and prioritise personal growth. This will lead to a profound impact on your business because as you grow your business will grow too. Amanda also shared the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and seeking out a supportive community.

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