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RC45: Start Before You Are Ready with Vamsi Polimetla

The importance of starting anything new before you are ready is a well-documented idea, especially in the area of personal growth. Yet, I wonder why so many including myself, have failed and/or continue to fail to take action before we are ready. This is a topic, and question that I get to discuss with Vamsi […]

RC42: What Are Your Real Values with Dr. John Demartini

I find it both fascinating and scary but the good type of scary if there is such a thing to know that we all have unconscious motives that drive our actions and behaviours. I think that it’s our personal quest to uncover what these unconscious motives are so that we can change them if required […]

RC41: Leadership, Navigating Relationships, and Positivity with Jonathan Darling

I don’t know about you but handling negativity and complaining from people who you are especially close with, is a challenge that both I and my guest Jonathan Darling have struggled with for a long time and in my conversation with Jonathan he expresses his frustration when encountering people who constantly focus on everything falling […]

RC40: A Self-Love Journey: Transform Your Life Inside Out with Tri Nuraini

Contrary to popular belief, and/or what you may see on Instagram self-love isn’t all bubble baths but a profound and transformative journey of cultivating a deep sense of love, compassion, and acceptance for ourselves, which ultimately leads to a transformative shift in our lives. In this episode, I speak with Tri Nuraini who is a […]

RC39: What is Happy Money with Ken Honda

The concept of “happy money” was created by Japanese Author Ken Honda who I got to speak with and who shared with me his wisdom on achieving financial independence. In this episode, Ken begins by sharing how we can use our skills and passions to make money and create wealth and that if we want […]

RC38: Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy Using The Breath with Niraj Naik

Breathwork has changed my life. That might be a profound statement, but it’s completely true. I had been meditating for years, which helped me to overcome chronic anxiety and calm my monkey mind but the power of breath work took things to a whole new level and I’m so happy and excited to be able […]

RC37: Become An Exceptional Communicator with Brenden Kumarasamy

Communication and being able to articulate myself in the way that I have wanted to has been a growing challenge that I’ve realised over the last 6 to 12 months. I often use filler words, such as ‘hmm’ or ‘umm’ to bring space so I can think about what I want to say next and […]

RC36: Take Back Control of Your Digital Devices with Sam Flynn

I don’t believe that the addictive nature of our smartphones and how easily we can become consumed by them is solely responsible for many of the challenges that we face today. I think that blaming them entirely is naive, and such of an easy thing to do. However, I understand that technology has its role […]